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    State legislators visit Grand Forks Air Base to learn about impact UAS are having on the state

    July 8, 2014

    By David Schwab on Apr 30, 2014 at 7:54 p.m. North Dakota is leading the nation in Unmanned Aerial Systems. It’s a hot topic among lawmakers and the subject took center stage at an important gathering Wednesday.


    A conversation with Sen. Tom Campbell

    May 13, 2013

    The North Dakota Legislature’s 2013 session ended a few days ago. It was the first for State Senator Tom Campbell of Grafton who joins us this evening at five.


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    Tom Campbell

    Senator Campbell's Capitol Clips My daughter Monique & her husband Zach are expecting their 1st baby in October; CONGRATS to both of you, this will be my 1st grand child and can hardly wait. They are pictured with a 11 week ultrasound photo. Grafton's Extended School Program demonstrated a robot they built at the Capitol. The children of working families in Grafton & surrounding towns are kept safe, engaged in learning, and on the path to success in life at times when they would otherwise be unsupervised. Local schools keep them from risk by opening their doors earlier and keeping them open later. To my disappointment the House drug testing bill for welfare families was narrowly defeated in the Senate. I think we all have the same goals on wanting to reduce or illuminate drugs in the family but different approaches. This bill put focus on treatment for addiction while still keeping total benefits for the family suspected of drugs in the home. I watched the St. Paddy's Day parade in Fargo with Lori; St. Patrick's revelers thought wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns, we are not Irish but was fun to watch them celebrate. HB 1147 Relating to expanding authority of county mutual insurance companies. It was not only a great honor to support this bill but I also carried this on the floor of the Senate where it passed. Thanks to Steve Becher Director of Professional Insurance Agents, Ryan Dreger & Brad Schanilec insurance agents for visiting and working hard to help your industry. Roscoe, ND State Parks & Rec mascot was in Bismarck helping promote all their State Parks along with Matt Gardner. The Grand Forks Republican Women take on the ND Capitol lead by Carma Hanson. They are already planning for the Republican Convention in Grand Forks April 2018, way to go! Carma did a great job in testifying for safety regulation and simply making a positive difference in her community. New Testament Baptist Christian School from Larimore, ND They are a Christian School whose mission is to provide a Christ-centered education to students K-12. I was told they are conscious of the fact they are educating our future leaders, amen to that. It was a great honor for me to emcee the Governors Prayer breakfast where Governor Burgum & guest speaker Doug Burley did a fantastic job. Listen to my video discussing the drug bills coming up next week. Do we allow constitutional carry to have a concealed weapon without a class 2 permit? Also state owned casinos bill in the House to put on ballot June 2018 for you to decide if you want up to six privately owned state regulated casinos. About 4 weeks left, should be done around Easter if all goes well. Thanks again Senator Tom Campbell. ...

    1 week ago

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    Al ChristiansonCongrats. Grandpa to be1 week ago

    Leah Hart KingsburyCongratulations! Being a grandparent is the best! Congratulations Monique and Zach!1   ·  1 week ago

    Tamara ArmentaCongrats Tom ! Nothing like the love of a grandchild ♡♡♡♡♡1 week ago

    Connie O'Toole JohnsonHow exciting about the baby!! U and Lori will LOVE being grandparents. Grandchildren are truly a gift from God! Congratulations Monique and Zach! ❤1 week ago

    Eileen BolekCongrats ! Only 6 more to catch up to me!!! 👍1 week ago

    Denise Sevigny WoinarowiczCongratulations on being a grandpa! I love being a nana to four beautiful grandchildren!1 week ago

    Mary Waind BakkenCongratulations to Monique and Zach!!! Congratulations to you & Lori!!!1 week ago

    Bev BooneCongratulations and blessings to the whole family!1 week ago

    Dee VillanuevaCongratulations to all of you.1 week ago

    Delores DesautelCongratulations Zach and Monique ! Tom you and Lorie you will make great grandparents!🤰1 week ago

    Janice HouskaSo happy for all of you! Babies are God's way of telling us there is hope for the future. Love!🍼🍭1 week ago

    Mona Kay DietrichCongrats to all on the news! You will be a wonderful grandpa! Enjoy the's amazing!1 week ago

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    Tom Campbell

    Open town hall meeting where I will give a Legislative update & take questions. Saturday March 4 Market Place in Grafton at 10 AM Senator Tom Campbell Pictured with Chris Lipsh, Nick Ziegelmann & Senator Judy Lee having lunch with the League of Cities ...

    3 weeks ago

    Tom Campbell

    It always is an honor to visit our Nations Capitol 🇺🇸 ...

    4 weeks ago

    Tom Campbell

    Senator Campbell's Capitol Clips I am committed to funding our priorities, keep adequate reserves for the future, and a balanced budget without a tax increase. K-12 funding will be held at current levels. Nursing home cuts will be restored. We are going to fully fund health care coverage and maintain current salaries. We passed a health insurers' autism coverage requirement in the House. Dakota Access Pipeline state costs will exceed $30 million with over 600 arrests. SB 2344: Medical Marijuana Measure 5 did not decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes. Without such language, anyone found in possession of even lawfully acquired medical marijuana could be charged with a felony. The legislature engaged in a bipartisan effort to make necessary changes to ensure that access and consistent high quality medical marijuana is available to all those with a legal written certification. It will be available in the form of smoking, vaping, oil, and pill with a valid written certification. SB 2206: County Social Services Takeover The state will assume the cost of county social services funding, providing real and permanent property tax relief without impacting services. The formula makes the 12% state-paid property tax credit passed in recent sessions more permanent, estimated costs for the biennium is $275 million We are at half time or cross over. Other than a few bills that failed to pass one chamber or another, our work is still a work-in-progress. My brother Greg Campbell was elected the new President of the Potato Growers group last week in Grand Forks. There were about 400 attending the incoming presidents banquet. Great to see some key employees and family members attending his event. The Kingsbury families were in town last week. This has been a big name in district 16 & now 19 for many years, thanks to Harley & Joyce Kingsbury for all your years of service in the House. Looks like the the 4th generation, Noah maybe next in line. Shabrang , Rudolph and Sultanbek are high school exchange students through ASSE International Student Exhange Program. They are from Tajikistan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan and are studying for one school year in small towns near Grand Forks, North Dakota. ASSE's mission is to foster international understanding through educational and cross cultural programs. They are guest of Jayne & Ron Brown NDSU College Republicans traveled to the State Capitol to experience first-hand the responsibilities of state legislators. They had the opportunity to sit on the floor during voting and meet with senators and representatives from across the state! It is exciting to see young millennials engaging in the political process as Republicans. Sierra Heitkamp, Lee Vetsch, Katie Mastel (NDSU Secretary), Jamal Omar (StateVice-Chair), Klarissa walvatne , Austin Emineth (State Chair), Chase Grindberg (NDSU Chair) Linda Pouliot, representing WARC ( Women's Action & Resource Center) from Beulah had a booth in the great hall. This is a much needed program to help women who are experiencing domestic violence. Her dad Jim Schieffer taught me 7th grade math. Thanks to Valley Prosperity for updating us, they are a private group who is doing economic research to secure ND future, pictured with Tammy Miller, Steve Burian, Jim Roers, Jim Kasper and NDSU Pres Dean Bresiani . Thanks to all the visiter coming to represent their area or subject of interest. I appreciate the privilege to serve you. Thank you Senator Tom Campbell ...

    1 month ago

    Tom Campbell

    Visiting the DAPL protesting camp south of Bismarck! What a senseless mess! ...

    1 month ago

    Video screenshot
    Tom Campbell

    Senator Campbell's Capitol Clips ND Disabilities Advocacy Consortium Day at the Capitol. Had a chance to see Blind Joe sing in the Great Hall. My sister Diane Mihulka taught Joey Bommersbach at the school for the blind in the 90's, through Career Week, he was selected to be on TV "The Voice" since then he has been on tour around the country "ND Rock Star" what talent. Nice to see my two great friends Darwin Hime & Greg Amb who came to visit me who currently live at the Life Skills & Transition Center in Grafton! Always amazes me people I know who have so called disabilities are some of the happiest and loving people who have taught me so much about life, God Bless & keep smiling. All bills passed so far will not cut any services to clients. SB 2289 Raising speed limit to 80 mph on interstate highways lost 28-18. SB 2036 matching grants UND & NDSU used to be $7 million, now $750,000 My SB 2255 regarding limiting legislators to seven bills got a due pass in committee but got defeated on the senate floor. SB 2225 regarding land owners not needed to post land, looks like an amendment for a pilot program for three counties. Do you think land owners should now not need to post land? Katie Suda with K-12 Technology Showcase Day was in town with students who had some very creative tech demonstrations. I will always miss her dad (Jim Vistad)who was a great inspiration to me. Manufacturing Day, sponsored by GNDA (Greater North Dakota Chambor) visiting with Andy Peterson CEO where I had a chance to meet with over 30 ND manufacturers including Motor Coach Industries from my corner & Bobcat skid steer loaders to mention a few. Walsh Water Board in town for the Water Expo 2017. American Heart Association Day with June Herman shown with a full life support manikin. Senator Scott Meyer's parents were in town for Realtors & Home Builders Day. I appreciated the opportunity to give a short talk at their reception. His uncle is Bob Meyer of Grafton. Three DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline)bills pass Senate. Mask Bill for protesters, Washington DC has this and is the #1 protesting city in country; if wearing a head cover while protesting intending to commit crime will now be a class A misdemeanor, also increase penalties for rioting and also gives law enforcement option of issuing a noncrininal citation for trespassing. The Senate is beginning to hear House bills before the required crossover date of February 24th. We are working hard to finish our job and end the session before we reach the maximum of 80 days. We hope to leave around ten days available in case we need to reconvene, especially considering potential changes at the federal level with a new administration in the White House. Once again I felt honored to represent you in Bismarck this week. Thank You: Senator Tom Campbell ...

    1 month ago

    Paid for by Tom Campbell for Senate PRIVACY POLICY