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    State legislators visit Grand Forks Air Base to learn about impact UAS are having on the state

    July 8, 2014

    By David Schwab on Apr 30, 2014 at 7:54 p.m. North Dakota is leading the nation in Unmanned Aerial Systems. It’s a hot topic among lawmakers and the subject took center stage at an important gathering Wednesday.


    A conversation with Sen. Tom Campbell

    May 13, 2013

    The North Dakota Legislature’s 2013 session ended a few days ago. It was the first for State Senator Tom Campbell of Grafton who joins us this evening at five.


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    Tom Campbell

    1/2 done planting potatoes in Grafton, 310 hp track tractor, GPS hands free steering. ...

    3 days ago

    Video screenshot

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    Jeannie CampbellPretty cool, hope to see this in action in a wk!3 days ago

    Chris HolmesThe Best Red Potato Grower Hands Down... Nobody Even Comes Close !!! 🚜🚜🚜3 days ago

    Chris Holmes3 days ago

    Dale SwanAwesome- right Ruth Hultgren?3 days ago

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    Tom Campbell

    Senator Campbell's Capitol Clips During one of the last days of the Legislative session I ran into UND football coach Bubba Schweigert. We discussed the Nickel Trophy's location and who may win it next time UND plays NDSU in 2019. Some legislators believe the trophy should be put in the Heritage Center where students could possibly break in and steal it as tradition has allowed since NDSU first won it in 1938. Fargo's legislative districts 11 & 21 had a great fund raiser for support in the next election where they hope to find candidates to challenge existing legislators. Governor Burgum addressed the crowd along with District chairs Bridget Ertelt & Conner Swanson. Currently all six legislative reps are democrats. I always learn and enjoy visiting with my former Colleague Senator John Andrist. He lives in a beautiful retirement home in South Fargo. He will be in Medora June 10-11 for the Rough Riders Roundup where he has graciously contributed to the Old Town Hall. I too am looking forward to this event. Congrats to our new district chairs in Grand Forks! Nick Creamer 18, Josh Anderson 17, Richard Glynn 43(existing) & Matt Kopp 42. They grouped there organizational meeting at one location then met separately. Brian Kalk did an excellent job as the keynote speaker. Pictured with UND President Mark Kennedy & Senator Laffen at the UND Champions Club Ball where they nearly raised $300,000 to support student-athletes. What do you think of Laffen's UND suit? Remember he is a Bison Alumni. University of Mary had another successful night with their Vision 2030 Campaign. President Monsignor James Shea is probably one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever heard and has done a remarkable job with leading the school to higher levels. Bruce Gjovig who founded the UND Center for Innovation had a retirement party at which we found out later, he was told to retire. How fortunate UND was to have Gjovig since he started the Center back in 1984. Bruce has led hundreds of donors & students together in successful careers. His party was a standing room only crowd with Sen Hoeven as emcee. I can assure you we will miss this Icon who has led & helped many hundreds of students with their future. After 77 days in session your 65th legislative Assembly finally came to a close by balancing the budget without any tax increases. I feel we are leaving the Capitol with a positive framework for the future of our state. Thank you for all of your input throughout the session and have a great summer. Thank you Senator Tom Campbell ...

    2 weeks ago

    Tom Campbell

    After 77 days your 65th Legislative Session came to a close. Thank you Senator Tom Campbell ...

    4 weeks ago

    Video screenshot
    Tom Campbell

    Congrats to Bruce Gjovig's Awesome retirement party on a fantastic career starting the Center of Innovation with helping Hundreds ...

    1 month ago

    Tom Campbell

    Senator Campbell's Capitol Clips Video ...

    2 months ago

    Video screenshot
    Tom Campbell

    Senator Campbell's Capitol Clips My daughter Monique & her husband Zach are expecting their 1st baby in October; CONGRATS to both of you, this will be my 1st grand child and can hardly wait. They are pictured with a 11 week ultrasound photo. Grafton's Extended School Program demonstrated a robot they built at the Capitol. The children of working families in Grafton & surrounding towns are kept safe, engaged in learning, and on the path to success in life at times when they would otherwise be unsupervised. Local schools keep them from risk by opening their doors earlier and keeping them open later. To my disappointment the House drug testing bill for welfare families was narrowly defeated in the Senate. I think we all have the same goals on wanting to reduce or illuminate drugs in the family but different approaches. This bill put focus on treatment for addiction while still keeping total benefits for the family suspected of drugs in the home. I watched the St. Paddy's Day parade in Fargo with Lori; St. Patrick's revelers thought wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns, we are not Irish but was fun to watch them celebrate. HB 1147 Relating to expanding authority of county mutual insurance companies. It was not only a great honor to support this bill but I also carried this on the floor of the Senate where it passed. Thanks to Steve Becher Director of Professional Insurance Agents, Ryan Dreger & Brad Schanilec insurance agents for visiting and working hard to help your industry. Roscoe, ND State Parks & Rec mascot was in Bismarck helping promote all their State Parks along with Matt Gardner. The Grand Forks Republican Women take on the ND Capitol lead by Carma Hanson. They are already planning for the Republican Convention in Grand Forks April 2018, way to go! Carma did a great job in testifying for safety regulation and simply making a positive difference in her community. New Testament Baptist Christian School from Larimore, ND They are a Christian School whose mission is to provide a Christ-centered education to students K-12. I was told they are conscious of the fact they are educating our future leaders, amen to that. It was a great honor for me to emcee the Governors Prayer breakfast where Governor Burgum & guest speaker Doug Burley did a fantastic job. Listen to my video discussing the drug bills coming up next week. Do we allow constitutional carry to have a concealed weapon without a class 2 permit? Also state owned casinos bill in the House to put on ballot June 2018 for you to decide if you want up to six privately owned state regulated casinos. About 4 weeks left, should be done around Easter if all goes well. Thanks again Senator Tom Campbell. ...

    2 months ago

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    Al ChristiansonCongrats. Grandpa to be2 months ago

    Leah Hart KingsburyCongratulations! Being a grandparent is the best! Congratulations Monique and Zach!1   ·  2 months ago

    Tamara ArmentaCongrats Tom ! Nothing like the love of a grandchild ♡♡♡♡♡2 months ago

    Connie O'Toole JohnsonHow exciting about the baby!! U and Lori will LOVE being grandparents. Grandchildren are truly a gift from God! Congratulations Monique and Zach! ❤2 months ago

    Eileen BolekCongrats ! Only 6 more to catch up to me!!! 👍2 months ago

    Denise Sevigny WoinarowiczCongratulations on being a grandpa! I love being a nana to four beautiful grandchildren!2 months ago

    Mary Waind BakkenCongratulations to Monique and Zach!!! Congratulations to you & Lori!!!2 months ago

    Bev BooneCongratulations and blessings to the whole family!2 months ago

    Dee VillanuevaCongratulations to all of you.2 months ago

    Delores DesautelCongratulations Zach and Monique ! Tom you and Lorie you will make great grandparents!🤰2 months ago

    Janice HouskaSo happy for all of you! Babies are God's way of telling us there is hope for the future. Love!🍼🍭2 months ago

    Mona Kay DietrichCongrats to all on the news! You will be a wonderful grandpa! Enjoy the's amazing!2 months ago

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